Grup fent barranquisme a les gorgues de Canet d'Adri

Aventura Girona

Adventure sports

Discover the adventure sports and activities offered by Aventura Girona for individuals, groups, companies and schools in the natural environment. Do fun and refreshing activities, full of emotions and good times where fun will be guaranteed. Canyoning, orientation, hiking, water trekking and via ferratas.

In the Gironès region, Aventura Girona takes you to do Orientation Circuits around the Llémena stream and the Ter river. It is a fixed circuit of 10 beacons / controls, mandatory, with the help of a map and a compass. The order in which the control points are traveled is free, so that each participant designs their own route. This orientation circuit is suitable for all ages and levels. Ideal to perform in a group (stag / hen parties or Teambulding) or with the family.

The main objective is for the participants to have an unforgettable experience, making the natural environment known and promoting active, sustainable and respectful tourism with the natural ecosystem.

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