Entorn Sant Gregori vall del llémena

Fountains route

Distance: 11,30 km

Elevation gain: 87 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

Download here the route track


We start the route in the parking of the football field area, in the Pineda, next to the MTB Center. Leaving the village of Sant Gregori behind us, we have to follow the paved road and after crossing the bridge over the Llémena, we turn left to take a path that will take us to the meeting of the Llémena with the Ter. Here the road makes a 90 degree turn to the right and we follow it so that the Ter always stays to our left. This path takes us to a wider track that we will follow.

Then we find the paved road that we will have to follow to the left. Where a dirt track that follows the Ter begins, we have to follow the asphalt turning right. We leave the asphalt to follow the dirt track that will take us to the Picant or Can Corominas fountain where we can see the building around it and taste the carbonic water.

We continue along the path that is set before us, until we find the forest track that goes from the Argelaguet to Sant Grau. We only have to cross this track to start to go down a sidewalk that borders the fence of can Claro and that will take us to the source of the Raig.
The itinerary continues from the fountain by the path accessible by cars and will take us to a paved section that we will follow downhill and when we lead to a small road also paved, we will follow it to the left passing in front of the castle of Sant Gregori. This castle has a long history. We continue to the church neighbourhood through this group of farmhouses and, passing in front of the church, we will look for the paved road (leaving the entrance of the cemetery on the left). Soon we find that this road leads us to make a hard climb to the left (which we will not do) and we continue along the dirt road that continues.

After 200 meters, we find access to the fountain of can Verdaguer or Groga fountain. We return to the dirt track that we were following and on the first turn left we take a path that take us to the lock of the mill of Sant Gregori. We continue across a forest and just as we arrive in an orchard area we turn right to return to the Church neighbourhood. Finding the paved road, we follow it to the left until the first right turn. In front of us we see the bridge of the Llémena, but without reaching it, we take the dirt track (on our right we leave the Mill) and continue along the path that continues straight before us. We reach a cross of four paths and turning to the right we can cross the Llémena river. Once past the river, to the right we will soon find the Pineda where we have started the route of the sources.

Sant Gregori

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