Camps al voltant de Madremanya

At the foot of Gavarres

Distance: 7,46km

Elevation gain: 135 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

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At the entrance of the village (if we come from Sant Martí Vell, on the left) we find a small parking space where we start the walk. We go up the street of Sant Esteve that allows us to appreciate the authentic character of the town. At the top of the street there is a small square and through a corridor we reach the church square. Through these streets we see traditional turns, narrow streets, portals, windows and the church of Sant Esteve, which with its bell tower are one of the most representative images of Madremanya.

We continue along the same street until we find the avenue of the Gavarres that takes us to out of the village. Right here, we cross the road de la Pera and, next to a selective collection area, we take a path that goes down through the fields and that had been an ancient Roman road.

We continue until we reach a wooded area where we go into until we find a detour that goes down to the Millars’ neighborhood. We cross Millars’ core observing its church and castle, and take the paved road to the left and follow it until we find the detour, also on the left. Go up until we find the road de la Pera (GIV-6425). We continue to the right until we find a light-transforming station at a crossroads.

We take the middle dirt road, that crosses fields and we pass through a vineyard, which is on the right, until we find the remains of an old mill, about 800 meters. Here we turn left, passing through a wooded area until we find another path that heads back again towards the transformer station. From here we take the paved road to the Pedró neighborhood.

We cross the houses of the neighborhood, where you can admire its architectural beauty. You also find a Creu del terme, which links the municipality with the Via Augusta. We continue straight until we reach in the middle of Madremanya’s village.

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