Torratxa Gironès Vilablareix Vilablareix Araceli Merino

History at the foot of Sant Roc

Distance: 7,89 km

Elevation gain: 77 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

Download here the route track


We star from sports centre and we go to the bridge that crosses the Marroc River (Masrocs or Marrocs), we cross it and immediately after we turn left to a dirt road that follows the course of the river. We pass under the highway and continue near the river in the middle of the riverside forest until we reach the Gi-5332 road that we will have to cross and continue to the left until we find a paved climb on the right. We take it and pass in the middle of houses and fields until we find a farm and turn right to the bridge over the river where we can see the remains of the Vilablareix mill. We continue and then we turn left by the track that again goes up Marroc River through a forest. The track goes up, making a few zigzags until you reach some pine forests. We continue through the pine forest until we find a track from where a sidewalk departs through the forest, we end up leaving to a great plain where there is the hermitage of Sant Roc, a small chapel cited in 1435 that was restored in 2002. The mountain of Sant Roc is the highest point of Vilablareix, with an elevation of 194 meters above sea level, but the place is surrounded by the forest and has few views of the surrounding landscape.

The return can be done by a different road returning near the pine forest where we find a crossroads and take the one that goes down in a northerly direction. Soon we pass in front of Cal Curt, and on the track we are bordering the fields that are on the right, with a forest on the left. We found on the left a track that comes from the cemetery of Vilablareix, but we continue straight ahead. Now we have a field of fruit trees on the right, and a forage field on the left, where we will see the Torratxa right away. La Torratxa (also called Torre de los Moros) is a Roman-era funeral monument made of volcanic land, sand, stone, tiles and ceramic pieces. We continue along the track until we find the cemetery and a paved road that we follow on the right until we reach the church of Sant Menna where we can contemplate the remains of a Roman villa. We continue along the road until we reach a junction and find the bike path that we will follow until we find the detour towards Vilablareix. Continuing along this paved road and surrounded by fruit trees we will cross the highway bridge and after we will take a dirt track that will take us back on the Marroc River and the sports centre.

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