Route of the monumental trees

Distance: 8,63 km

Elevation gain: 0 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

Download here the route track


The municipality of Bordils has been protecting for a long time some of the oldest and largest trees for their exceptionality and uniqueness, which has made it possible to create this nature route with the pleasant tour of the monumental trees. So let’s get to know trees, ancient farmhouses and fields.

We start in front of the Town Hall where there is a Bordilenc, the white tree, the original tree of the village. We turn right to the laundry room and turn left along the small path next to the Sèquia Vinyals, cross the bridge and turn left towards Pla Suardell. We continue along the road next to the sèquia until the end of the park where we will see the poplars of Mas de La Riera. We turn right and then left to the Sant Martí river. We continue to the left and at 100 meters there is the tree of Can Prat on the right and then on the left we can see the Saltant London planetrees. We continue along the river until we reach the ash of Pla de Mollet and continue to La Palanca, where the excess water of the Vinyals sèquia has already drained the river of Sant Martí, where it will flow to the river Ter. We cross the Palanca and continue along the paved road.

We find the neighbourhood of Rissec, along which you see a wide cultivation of Poplar forest and other plantations called the Ban. We continue until crossing the Palagret river and shortly after about 2 km we reached the oak of the Conova. We continue to the left and we turn right and 100 meters after to the left and enter the road that takes us to cal Cuní Gros to see its oak. We come back and turn right to the neighbourhood of Molí and to the first paved junction we find turn left. At 200 meters there is the holm oak of the Molí and we continue on the way down to the Palagret river and 100 meters to the right we climb a path that takes us to the place of the white trees.

We return to the river and continue on the right and then we turn to the left, we find the Oak of the Arenes. We go back to the river and we go up to the town. We follow this street to the end and turn the second street on the right. We follow this street to get to the point of departure.

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