sant jordi desvalls gironès

Route through the neighbourhoods

Distance: 7,08 km

Elevation gain: 75 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

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We leave the Town Hall Square on Carrer Nou, heading west, until the street turns right, and we cross Calle Francesc Macià. We continue towards the sports area along Raval dels Horts street and turn right where there is a short climb. We pass over the road bridge and leave a track on the right. We go to the source of the Rossinyol and the one of the Llorer for the track that goes down to the left. Now it is necessary to return for the same stretch of road. We passed near the sports area and, when we found the paved road, we turned right. We recuse ourselves a few meters while we see some good views of the village, and we continue to make a left turn along the dirt track.

After a single bend to the right, you have to leave the track that leaves to the left and continue all right until you find the neighborhood of Diana, where the hermitage of Sant Feliu is located. We continue along the paved road towards the neighborhood of Sant Mateu. We can do the whole stretch of road, or also follow a forest track that is on the right hand side and that makes a slight descent at the beginning. We continue all the way along a path, without turning right or going down to the field, where we can sniff the smell of rosemary. We load our oxygen with these healthy Gironès aromas and we continue. We found a crossroads and went straight ahead starting a little climb.

We leave the road that goes in the direction we were leading and turn left until we reach the paved road. We continue along the road passing in front of a farmhouse, next to the wall from which we find two trees hugged by the trunk, and on the right, some vineyards, which produce one of the wines of the Girons. We recommend trying it.

If we turn left, a few meters from the road, we reach the hermitage of Sant Tomàs. We cross the road and follow the route down the track that goes right in front of us. On the right we will leave a unique building, a wine cellar. At the crossroads we follow all the way up a hill near some farms. Turn left, pass the road over the bridge and head towards the village of Sant Jordi Desvalls down Viladasens street. If we turn to the left for the street of Colomers, then to the right for the carrer de Baix and finally for the street of l’Església, we arrive to the point of departure making a turn for the streets with more history of the town.

Sant Jordi Desvalls

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