Sant Cristofol del Bosc de Llambilles

Sant Cristòfol del Bosc

Distance: 8,21 km

Elevation gain: 194 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

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This itinerary is very representative of the different types of forests that we can find in the Gavarres: holm oaks, cork oaks, pine forests, chestnut trees and riverside forests.

At the cemetery of Llambilles we leave the car and follow the road until we find the river Bugantó, which we continue until crossing a small bridge. Immediately afterwards, we take a path to the right that follows the stream until it deviates to the left, entering the forest. A few meters away we find a path on the right that takes us to visit the stone of the thirty crosses. This narrow path goes up in the middle of a dense forest of holm oaks and pines. A little more than 250 meters away we find this mysterious stone after deviating slightly to the right.
Returning to the initial path we continue until we find the fountain of Sant Cristòfol, a place where we can observe a good representation of plants typical of riverside forest. We continue near the stream until we find a wide forest track that we go up to the left and takes us to the hermitage of Sant Cristòfol. The contrast between wet forest and dry forest is very marked in this itinerary. This church dates from 882 and its history is full of moments of splendor and various incidents. The current construction consists of a single nave, with exposed stone and a semicircular apse. To the south wall there is attached the house of the hermit, of quadrangular plant. The main door is protected by a porch and culminates the work a small belfry. Around this church there is a recreational area
We take the forest track that goes to the right and about 500 meters we take the detour to the left, which will soon descend to some more open fields to climb again in the middle of the forest. We continue until we find, on the right, can Nino. After about 700 meters, we are in the middle of fruit fields on both sides. We continue until we find the river Bugantó again and the paved road at the beginning. To return to the starting point we go to the right.

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