Sant Cristòfol del Bosc

Distance: 8,21 km

Elevation gain: 194 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

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This route, in the municipality of Llambilles, allows you to visit the hermitage of Sant Cristòfol del Bosc. The route is very representative of the different types of forests that can be found in the Gavarres: holm oak, cork oak, pine and riverside forests. The contrast between the rainforest and the dry forest is very clear on this route. The church of Sant Cristòfol del Bosc is already mentioned in 882 and its history is full of moments of splendour and diverse incidents. The current construction has a single nave, with exposed stone and a semicircular apse. Attached to the south wall is the hermit’s house, with a quadrangular floor plan. The main door is protected by a porch and the work is crowned by a small belfry.

This is an ideal circular route to do with friends or family, having a snack in the surroundings of the hermitage, as there is a recreational area with picnic tables.

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