Sant Miquel Castle

Distance: 5 km

Elevation gain: 289 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: No

Download here the route track


We leave the square of Sant Pere de Galligants and we will go at the back of the monastery to pass a small bridge and start the route going up the Galligants River on its right bank until we reach the fountain of the Bisbe. Here you will have to cross the bridge and continue along the road to the right until you find the Benedictine monastery of Sant Daniel. This one, with a thousand years of history, was founded in 1015 when Bishop Pere Rotger sold the lands of Sant Daniel to Ramon Borrell and his wife, Countess Ermessenda of Carcassonne, who was sister of the bishop.

We go straight until we get to the cross. At this point, we can cross the bridge that will take us to the Pericot fountain. You have to go back to the corner to continue the route and turn left by following the monastery fence. We follow the asphalt turning right on Llucia Ansó Street and left the monastery behind us. Passing through the neighbourhood of Sant Daniel, we pass by the cemetery and soon after – where the asphalt ends – we will be at the parking of the Ferro Fountain that we can visit if we walk about 300 meters, where there is a suitable area with tables, benches and barbecues. We continue along the wide track (now ashore), pass the side of the old bottling plant (the factory in Saguer) and pass a bridge over the top of the Sant Miquel river.

Just then we leave the track to get on a steep sidewalk that flows back into the track just before passing under the bridge of the N-II variant. We follow the track and we will see a sculpture by the road (“Girona, threshold of Europe” by Bonaventura Ansón) and continue until we reach the farmhouse of Can Lliure. Here the track make a curve to the right and then to the left. We have to take the sidewalk that leaves on the right that will take us uphill to the ruins of Can Mistaire (crossing the main track first).
Past the ruins, we will follow the sidewalk and turn to the left to go down the path that follows a stone wall and, if we want, we can deviate for a moment to go to the Martina fountain (usually always dry) and continue along a stony and climbing path that will take us to the picnic area of Sant Miquel.

At 150 meters to the left we will have reached the castle of San Miquel. The oldest remains of the complex date back to medieval times. They correspond in a possible watchtower, a section of wall and a hermitage. In 1848 the remains of the hermitage of Sant Miquel were used to build two towers of optical telegraphy with the aim of having a fast and secure communication network. The views from the tower, where we can ascend with a scale, are really spectacular to see the region of Gironès and much beyond, mountain landscape and coastal landscape.

We’ll come back by the same way.

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