El Puig de la Banya del Boc

The Banya del Boc volcano

Distance: 7,47 km

Elevation gain: 198 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

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To make this route we leave the heart of the LLémena valley, from the parish of Sant Pere de Llorà, which we recommend you to visit if you find it open. The building is already mentioned in 1058, but archaeological research tells us that it is built on an earlier building that could be traced back to the ninth century. What stands out most about the whole is undoubtedly the bell tower, which like the rest of the building is Romanesque. At the back we can see a semicircular apse and two lateral absidioles. And his pre-Romanesque paintings stand out.

We head towards the main road, which we cross to take the first street on the left, which goes down passing the side of the sports center. At the end of the descent, we suddenly turn right to take the real road, first paved and then gravel. We move forward leaving several houses on both sides until we find a bridge. If we want to visit the hermitage of Sant Medir and the bridge we have to go to our left. To continue the route, we go straight towards the Pallonera, a farmhouse located inside the crater of the Clot de l’Olmera volcano.
Passing the road in front of the house, we leave the crater until we found the GI-531 road. We go to the marquee of the public transport, between the road and the field, and we take the dirt road that crossing the road leaves to the right. To our left we see the hermitage of Sant Joan Baptista. Later, we come to a wider track. Following it, we go to the right and after a sudden curve, we see a gredera where greds were extracted from the main wash of the volcano Banya del Boc, which is currently abandoned.
We continue for the main track of ascent, and shortly after a curve to the left, we take a road that begins with a good ascent to hand right. We reached the crater of the Banya del Boc volcano. At the end of the climb, we leave a trail of forest on the left and cross the crater of Puig de la Banya del Boc between fields.
To return to Llorà, we took the main road that goes down when we find a junction. At the first bend, we left a track on the right that would take us to the ruins of the farmhouse el Hortaló. With some steep descent ramp, we reach the paved track. We follow it, passing first between some farmhouse and then between huts with garden, until we find the GI-531 road. If we turn left, we will see the bell tower of Sant Pere de Llorà, the starting point of the route.

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