The head of the Onyar

Distance: 5,67 km

Elevation gain: 75 m

Difficulty: Easy

Circular: Yes

Download here the route track


This itinerary runs along the boundaries between the Gironès and La Selva, at the head of the Onyar River and in one of the places with the most forest diversity of our counties.

We start the walk in the parking and picnic area on the local road of Sant Dalmai in Brunyola, just after the bridge over the Onyar River and about 500 meters from the village of Sant Dalmai. A couple of ceilings inform us about the vegetation, fauna and architecture of the traditional water in the area. We crossed the river just below the picnic area. Immediately turn left and go up through a riverside forest. After 700 meters we will reach a meadow, which we will cross direction to the lock d’en Borra, where we can see the stone wall and the canals that used to derive the water.

Following upriver without leaving the way, we arrive at a spectacular oak tree forest, a species typical of the great Central European and Atlantic plains that has here one of its southernmost enclaves of the Iberian Peninsula. The same path takes us, going up gently, to a track that we will take in the right direction. We follow this uphill track, entering a field area and passing through the side of a house that we leave on the left. Then we continue along a small plateau planted with hazelnuts with very good views of the Montseny and the Guilleries. At the end of the hazelnut field that is on the right, and just through the forest, we will find a path, also on the right, that will take us to a eucalyptus plantation.

Without leaving the road, we will pass between the plantation and the forest of corks and pine trees that remains on the left, until we find a pennant that points us in the direction to return to the head of the Onyar, taking a path to the right. We will take this direction through the eucalyptus trees and then enter a fairly thick mixed forest of corks, oaks, holm oaks and pine trees. When we find another path we will have to turn right following the pennants until we reach the raft d’en Turón, a small artificial swamp that collects and stores the waters that see filter through the surrounding forests, and where it is easy to find numerous wild boar slings. Right under the raft we find the river side path at the beginning of the route. We will take you back towards Sant Dalmai until we return to the parking lot at the beginning.

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