Torre Gironella

The Pedreres and the Calvary path

Distance: 4,03 km

Elevation gain: 103 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

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This itinerary starts in the Plaça Sant Domènec and runs through the eastern part of the city of Girona, near the Old Quarter, known as the Pedreres area, a name that evokes its origin and historical function for the city.

From the Plaça Josep Ferrater i Mora we go up towards the city wall and take the Muralla street on the left. After 110 meters on the right, we take a signposted sidewalk that takes us to an observation area of nummulits. By examining the stone in detail we can discover these single-celled “giant” organisms protected by a carbonated shell that lived on the seabed, in shallow places. They are not the only fossils present in this stone, if we look closely, we also find remains of other organisms, such as ostroids and bivalves, snails, shells and corals, evidence of the marine origin of the hills that surround Girona.

We continue going up to take the old road of the Ferradura, a route well known by the population of Girona, which leads to the urbanization of Les Pedreres. We arrive at one of the old spaces from where the stone was extracted and therefore we show its omnipresence in Girona heritage architecture, in addition to enjoying extraordinary views over the city. We have to note that this stone has been used to build several houses of the Old Quarter as well as part of the Cathedral, among other buildings of the city.

We continue along the right side, go up and line the old quarry to the tower of Alfonso XII, where we get a new panorama of the city with spectacular views of Girona, with the Pyrenees in the background. This tower is the highest point of the itinerary, and constitutes a large watchtower of 160 meters of altitude, so it allows to appreciate the Devesa and beyond the Canigou and the Puig Neulós, as a backdrop.

We continue along the paved road to the neighbourhood of Torre Gironella. Arriving at the square we can admire the landscape of the Gavarres, one of the two green lungs of the Gironès. From this square comes a small sidewalk that quickly descends to a path, which to the left, takes us to the hermitage of Calvari. We pass by its side and we continue straight to climb the small mountain of the O. Going back, we can descent to the valley of Sant Daniel. When we arrive, we continue along the road that runs along the bottom of the valley until we reach the monastery of Sant Daniel. We recommend visiting this former headquarters of the Countess Ermessenda, where the nuns still keep the original recipe of the sweet coca that she liked.

When you arrive here, we cross the bridge over the Galligants river to go up the Pericot fountain, and continue climbing a sidewalk and a road to Torre Gironella, from where we can take the street of la Muralla back to the starting point.

If you have more time we advise you to lose yourself through in the old quarter of the city, a wonder of culture, heritage and legends to the environment.

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