Torre Gironella

The Pedreres and the Calvary path

Distance: 3,97 km

Elevation gain: 115 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

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Behind the Old Quarter hides a little urbanised valley that leads to the foot of the Gavarres. It can be reached quickly on foot and allows us to walk through part of the city’s history in a green setting that has been revitalised in recent years. We are talking about the Quarries, the Communications Tower or Pirulí, next to the Caputxins fort. Also the old Polvorín and the Calvari church, next to Torre Gironella, which leads us to the O mountain.

An easy and quick route where at the end we will see the valley of Sant Daniel and Montjuic, and also a radically different perspective of the cathedral and the church of Sant Feliu.

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