Salt del Timbarro Vall d'en Xuncla Sarrià de Ter

The Valley of Xuncla

Distance: 3,85 km

Elevation gain: 38 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: Yes

Download here the route track


We start the route in the parking of the Montserrat school, which is above a hill. We start by walking along the asphalt passing between farmhouses and pass the parish of Sant Pau de Sarriá de Dalt. Just in front we leave a paved road that goes down to the left to continue until we find a fork. We will not follow either the paved road or the wide dirt track but by a sidewalk that goes between the two options. We pass in front a house, a path between fields on the left and forests on the right, to follow our route with good views towards the Rocacorba area.

Shortly after 300 meters, on our right we will see a kind of holes excavated to the rock, shows that it has remained from the extraction of stone made in Roman times. We are now on a wide runway and in front we have the hill of Can Guilana, remains of an ancient volcano. We continue to the left, we follow a sidewalk that leaves the track to the left and down that will lead us to find the paved road that goes from Sarria to Sant Medir, and municipality of Sant Gregori. We continue 30 meters to the right crossing a small bridge and leave it again to go down the path that leaves on the left.

This path will take us across the Riera d’en Xuncla, also known as the Rimau, which is born to the Montcal neighbourhood. Once past the ricer and follow the track, but the moment you make a curve to the right, we leave it to continue along a sidewalk that takes us to the left hand. This allows us to go and look for the river at the point where – inside the water – there are the remains of the mill stones that were half built. This place is known as the Moleres and you will have to return to the road to continue the route. After a short stretch of going up, we find one crossroad. We will go down to the left to meet again the river where we can see the lock of the mill d’en Tomàs. Following the river d’en Xuncla to the right by the sidewalk that comes from some stone slabs, we have the possibility to go down again to touch the river to see the salt d’en Timbarro, just in front of the mill d’en Tomàs. A spectacular jump when there is water and where we recommend you to stop and why not, also photographs, because nature is very beautiful.

We comeback to continue to the left, when we found the point where we had descended. Passing by the side of the ruins of Can Sais and the large oaks we continue the sidewalk until we find a crossroads. We take the one that goes down to the left and cross again the river d’en Xuncla. We have the option to follow the track or take a sidewalk that leaves us back to the starting point of this tour.

Sarrià de Ter

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