Celler Eccocivi

Sant Martí Vell

The Eccocivi Celler is located in the Natural Interest Area of the Gavarres, in the municipality of Sant Martí Vell, a village that has managed to preserve its medieval air intact.

The wine cellar has been built integrated into the landscape, underground and next to an ancestral farm that gives its name to the estate and its best wine, Ca l’Elsa, in an area where winemaking represented a traditional activity in the past.

The winery is the only one in the region of Gironès that has recovered the cultivation of the vineyard, which was considered totally lost.

Today, their vines grow surrounded by pine forests, cork oaks, a privileged natural environment. The winery was built between 2007–2008, a young winery, but it has recovered an ancestral local tradition and a traditional way of life and respectful of the environment.

Discover the winery with one of its guided tours. You will know the vineyards, the winery and its wines with all the senses. ¡ See here all the proposals!

Paratge Mont-rodó, 3 17462, Sant Martí Vell

T. 872 000 015



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