Cuina de la Vall del Llémena

In this atmosphere reigns inside the kitchen popularly known as peasant cuisine, with dishes based broth, garden produce, game and poultry, as well as excellent recipes sausage and mushrooms on the ground are among the main protagonists, a kitchen that feeds the field and know-how of the country, and in his letter that includes the products of each season.

Its most typical dishes are the legacy of centuries of tradition, preserving key ingredients like olive oil, garlic mayonnaise and sauce. Particularly noteworthy is the beef with mushrooms, rabbit, sausage sausage, duck with pears and salsify or screws. The delight the palate stops in exquisite dishes such as “saucers”, stews, meat and meat stew pot, the pickles and grilled meat. They are accompanied by salads and vegetables from the garden of Girona. The desserts, typical Catalan is an end of a dining experience that will surely remain in the memory eater. The most popular, the Catalan cream and annealing “and honey.”

Vall de Llémena

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