Campanar de l'església de Sant Esteve de Bordils


Trees and gothic

“In Bordils the Bordilenc is made, one of the most beautiful white trees on earth”. Josep Pla.

At the north of the Gironès region there is the town of Bordils. It has a little bit more than 1600 inhabitants and a surface of 7.3km2.

Bescanó may be considered as one of the lungs of the Gironès region in where we can follow different signposted paths such as the Monumental Trees route which may be enjoyed on foot or by bike.

Bordils has an especial charm; it is placed just beside the Ter River and it has Sant Esteve church with an octagonal bell tower. On one side of this church there is one of the oldest sun clocks of the region.

Furthermore, Bescanó has a great road network connection with Girona and Palamós.

Atractius del municipi

Sant Esteve de Bordils

Ajuntament de Bordils
Plaça Onze de Setembre, 1, 17462 Bordils

972 490 003



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