Cassà de la Selva

Music, cork and Gavarres

Cassà de la Selva is in a region of transition between the foot of the Gavarres massif and the start of the plain of La Selva. In the medieval period, an urban centre began to form behind the church of Sant Martí. This is still recognisable in the modern urban layout and some patterns and buildings are still preserved.

The golden age for the town of Cassà was at the end of the 19th century, marked by the development of the cork industry. This led to an explosion in the population and the economy, and the flourishing of social and cultural life. One of the most important events was the arrival of the railway, which promoted Cassà’s connections to the city of Girona and the coast via Sant Feliu de Guíxols. This outlet to the sea internationalised the cork industry and transformed the town. Some families quickly gained social and economic recognition which was reflected in the construction of houses and other unique buildings with influences from modernism such as Can Nadal, Can Trinxeria or La Sala Galà.

Cassà has always been a town of musicians, with a lively tradition of sardanas since the middle of the 19th century leading to the formation of traditional groups, or coblas, as well known as La Principal de Cassà and La Selvatana. Nowadays, a whole series of musical events are held, covering different genres. Highlights include the Nit dels Músics, Solfejant, Cassà es vesteix de música, La Nit del Cremat and, most recently, the Càntut Festival.

The town enjoys wonderful natural surroundings, with a diverse landscape split between the plain and Les Gavarres. It is a region with plenty of footpaths where families can walk and enjoy the area’s natural and cultural heritage. We invite you to stroll through the land of cork and discover a town that has its past but is well connected to the present.

Atractius del municipi

Parc Art

Les Gavarres

Ajuntament de Cassà de la Selva
Rambla Onze de Setembre, 107

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