monestir de cervià de ter
monestir de Cervià de Ter castell cervià de ter

Cervià de Ter

The town watched over by the castle

Cervià de Ter is located at the northeast of the region and on the left bank of the river Ter. It has a surface of almost 10km2 and its population is a bit larger than 900 inhabitants.
It is a charming medieval town of Roman origin with a great wealth and cultural heritage that has been participating since 2012 in the European Heritage Days.
The modernist touch of Cervià de Ter comes from the Museum Raset, a Modern Art Museum.
The charm of this town is given from its old town with the castle and the monastery and also from the paths that go through nature following the Ter river. There is a part of the Way of Saint James that crosses the municipality.

Atractius del municipi

Cervià de Ter Castle

Ajuntament de Cervià de Ter
C/Priorat,29 17464, Cervià de Ter

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