entorn flaça gironès


Between the Ter and the Gavarres

The municipality of Flaçà is one of the smallest of the region with a surface smaller than 7km2 but with a bit more of 1000 inhabitants. The old town of Flaçà has been completely forgotten by the people of the area and by travellers as well. These used to stroll around the Comerç Street, the Bolla neighbourhood and the Train Station, they are unaware that the original nucleus of Flaçà preserves a medieval structure that marvels those who walk around for a little bit. This pretty small town, always a bit isolated, has a charm that is worth to visit.

In the centre of the village and just beside the rectory, there is the Balle house, also known as Can Llausàs. More than a house it’s a small palace in a Plateresque style with an elongated façade. It’s interesting to take a look at the window decorations, authentic masterpieces made by a very skilled anonym stone-cutter.

The surroundings of the village are watered by the river Ter and with stunning landscapes and paths to stroll around.

Ajuntament de Flaçà
Pl. Estació Carrilet, 1, 17463

972 488 058



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