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Sant Gregori

The Llémena Valley’s entrance

The municipality of Sant Gregori, of 49 km², has about 3.600 inhabitants and it is the first village of the Llémena Valley  from Girona city. It is a mosaic of bucolic landscapes from the farming plains until the Sant Grau Mountain where leisure, cultural and gastronomic possibilities offer a magnificent stay.

The nature and tranquility enthusiasts find in this municipality and in the valley an ideal colored landscape, between the golden colors of the fields and the forest green colors. At the same time they find a rich Mediterranean gastronomy with local products and different routes which can be discovered on foot, by bicycle or even by horse.

Between the wonderful routes that we can find in the valley Sant Gregori also offers hiking routes together with the Sant Grau Mountain, where you will find the Sant Grau Hermitage and the Tudela Castle.

If you add all this cultural heritage wealth, hermitages, routes, mills and fountains, to the fact that it is located just 5 minutes away from Girona, Sant Gregori becomes an essential village to see and discover.

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Llémena Valley

Ajuntament de Sant Gregori
Av. de Girona, 33, 17150 Sant Gregori

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