Sant Martí Vell Gironès

Sant Martí Vell

The Gavarres' entrance

Sant Martí Vell is located on the north of the Gavarres massif. This little charming village has about 250 inhabitants and an area of 17,5 km². Its stone streets are full of history  and it offer to Sant Martí Vell a unique personality. It has a very diverse landscape with savage forests and crop fields.

The Mare de Déu dels Àngels sanctuary is one of the most visited in the region and it is located on the Puig Alt Mountain. They do plenty of activities related to enotourism, cycling…

This village is also well connected; you can go to Girona, Madremanya or to La Bisbal by the two main roads.



Ajuntament de Sant Martí Vell
Plaça de l’Església, 17462

972 490 401



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