Crop fields

Vilablareix has 6 km² and about 2.700 inhabitants. It is located at the south entrance of Girona. Its name comes from the Germanic name “Vila Albericus”.

The highest point in the village is The Sant Roc Hill, where you will find a 15th century hermitage surrounded by pine and Holm oak little forests.

We highlight the forests of Can Xapes and Sant Roc and the three rivers: The Güell, the Masrocs and the Reramús.

You should visit Sant Menna’s church, the Torratxa, which is a Roman sepulchre, Sant Roc’s hermitage. There is also a cycle path that goes across almost the entire municipality and diverse natural areas.

Ajuntament de Vilablareix
C/Perelló 120, 17180

972 405 001

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