castell cervià de ter

Cervià de Ter Castle

The castle that presides the town

Situated on the top of a hill in Cervià de Ter, it raises the Cervià de Ter Castle. It is a medieval fortress that was built in the 11th century and which there are only a few remains left. From the 12th century the castle was disused, but nowadays people can visit the remains of this medieval architectural ensemble. You will be able to see the stones foundations of the old fortification, the Homentatge tower founding, several wall locks and the rest of some rooms. The Associació d’Amics de Cervià Antic promoted its rehabilitation and it has been declared Cultural Good of National Interest.


Photos: Ass. Amics de Cervià Antic / UdG-Ajuntament de Cervià de Ter


Carrer del Castell, 1, Cervià de Ter

T. 653 040 803



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