Salt d'aigua de la Central Hidroelèctrica de Bescanó
Central Hidroelèctrica Bescanó Gironès pou de glaç vilanna bescano

Berenguer hydroelectic powe station and ice well

Water architecture

Berenguer Hydroelectric Power Station is a modernist industrial building, which is located in Bescanó. The part of the waterfall presents a curious decoration with figures of monsters and plants. The building is visible from the outside, from the road. The building was designed by the architect Joan Roca i Pinet.

The ice well is located in the village of Vilanna (Bescanó). The construction consists of a circular stone wall and a lime mortar 0,6 m thick and a height that reaches the 11 m. It has an external perimeter of 28 m and a diameter of 9,3 m. Its useful surface is 50m². It had a gross estimated capacity of 550 m³, and it maintains the main door at the top. It is currently accessible via a signposted route that starts at the Sant Mateu de Vilanna Church.


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