Archaeological site Castellum Fractum

Cradle of cultures

On the top of the mountain of Sant Julià de Ramis there is the archaeological site Castellum Fractum, an old late Roman fortress built on an old Iberian settlement built between the 4th and 5th centuries.

In the past this location was ideal for the control of the merchandise through the Via Augusta. Since 1996, both the Iberian and Roman settlements have been systematically excavated, and on the year 2012 it was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest. The functions of the Castellum were diverse and its location, with an abundance of water and forest, was optimal to fulfill them: surveillance and control mainly, but also defense and provisioning.

Today it is a musealized and visitable space, also easy for children. Informative posters make available to children to understand life in the Roman and Visigothic fortress.

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ROUTE: Sants Metges mountain (Sant Julià de Ramis)


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