Old town de Llagostera

Different architectural styles in the same nucleus

Llagostera has a wide range of architectural heritage and some of it is catalogued as a Good of National Interest such as the Wall. A walk through the old town of Llagostera allows you to take a route through numerous buildings with an important historical interest. The Wall Route includes, among others, the parish church of Sant Feliu (17th century), the castle (14th – 15th century) and the lookout of Plaça del Castell, which offers visitors a view of the Gavarres and the Pre-Pyrenees. Along the streets in the centre, we also find Modernist and Noucentista buildings and the result of the economic splendour that emerged from the 19th and 20th century cork industry, which make up the Architectural Route.

The Centre d’Interpretació de Can Caciques stands out. The privileged location of this municipality offers visitors the tranquillity and beauty of a natural environment located between the protected areas of the Gavarres and the Puig the Cadiretes massifs.

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