Pessebre de Can Roseta Pessebre de Can Roseta Pessebre de Can Roseta

Pessebre of Can Roseta

Surrounded by the natural landscape offered by the Cartellà forest, we can find an emblematic pessebre located outdoor. The iconic pessebre known as “the Catalonia of Cork” has become a representation of Catalan culture and tradition. You can find the scenes of the birth but also the representation of the Llémena Valley or the most important monuments of Catalonia.

In total you can recognize 107 monuments of Catalonia made with cork and stones, as well as the representation of up to 22 different traditional trades. They also have characters such as Dalí, Narcís Monturiol, Gaudí, Josep Pla or Jacint Verdaguer.

Its creator, Remei Mulleres, is also in charge of doing its maintenance and can guide you.
*All roads are suitable for people with reduced mobility.
*Free parking.


The entrance fee is the will.
For concerted and group visits outside of hours, it is necessary to make a reservation and the price is 2€ person.


It is open year-round for pre-reserve visits.

Diseminat Afores, 81. 17199, Sant Gregori.

T. 972 428 347 / 972 429 779


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