Sant Esteve de Bordils

The church of Bordils is dedicated to Saint Esteve. It was built during the second half of the 16th century.

The building is in late Gothic style with some details of Renaissance influence made from stone streets and the tiled roof. It has a single nave covered with vaults and with central keys are decorated with the shields of Bordils, the shield of the Pope and the shield of Catalonia. The lip arches are chiselled with animal figures. There are three chapels on each side, covered with semicircular arches built in the 18th century.

The bell tower has a square base and an octagonal upper part, with pointed arches, finished with gargoyles and square railings. Flancing the main façade, there are two defensive garites in the crown, which have been dated to the 16th century, and are located on each of the angles and joined by a gallery.

It preserves several images of saints, such as a Saint Joseph with the Child; the Madonna del Roser, which may come from another church; a Saint Stephen, restored in the 1980s; and another Madonna del Roser, made by the workshop of Llimona.


Plaça del Poble, 5, 17462 Bordils, Girona

T. 972 49 00 67


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