Flateli Apartments


Staying in the apartments or villas of Flateli is more than sleeping: you feel like at home, taken care of and comfortable from the first moment. They manage fully equipped accommodations, furnished and decorated with afectionality for you to be the perfect hosts for their clients, whether a stay for a few days or a few months.

They have apartments spread across the provinces as much in Girona and Barcelona. In the Gironès region, specifically, they have several apartments in the old town of Girona, and in Bordils, Sant Jordi Desvalls, San Gregorio and San Martí de Llémena villages.

Choose from all the options to find the home that best adapted to you.


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  • Distància aeroport: 15km
  • Distància tren: 1km

C. Nord, 3 Baixos

T. 93 595 18 19



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