Congost and Sants Metges mountain

Distance: 9,21 km

Elevation gain: 156 m

Difficulty: Hard

Circular: Yes

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This is a circular route of just over 9 km in the municipality of Sant Julià de Ramis. From this town we head towards the gorge of the Ter, pass by the Cau de les Goges and climb the mountain of Sants Metges on its northern slope.

The path winds its way up the mountain to take us to the neighbourhood of the Sants Metges and the highest part of the mountain. The Iberian remains on the side of the church, Roman (Castellum Fractum, 350 AD) and Romanesque (the church of Sant Cosme and Sant Damià -els Sants Metges) show us the strategic importance of the place, while the views of the Gironès region and the neighbouring counties open up in front of us, with the panoramic view of the Baix Empordà and the Pyrenees standing out. The location of the area, with abundant water and forest, was excellent for hunting and ideal for the establishment of human habitat, as demonstrated by the sites discovered and the finds of Iberian pottery and other archaeological remains, which prove the existence of several cultures from remote times.

The holm oak and chestnut forests are remarkable, with areas of Aleppo pine. The presence of animals is also remarkable, especially birds in the area of the Ter river, foxes and wild boar in the woods near the fields.
It is a route suitable for everyone as the slope is not very steep and the paths and tracks along which it runs are comfortable and pleasant.

Sant Julià de Ramis

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