Vall de Sant Daniel Girona

The Valley of Sant Daniel

Distance: 3,98 km

Elevation gain: 104 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Circular: No

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We leave the square of Sant Pere de Galligants and we look for the back of the monastery to pass a small bridge. The route starts going up the Galligants by its right side until you reach the fountain of the Bisbe. We cross the bridge and continue along the road to the right, until we find the fence of the monastery of Sant Daniel. We follow the fence until we reach the crossing. At this point, we cross the bridge of Galligants to visit the fountain d’en Pericot. We return to the road again and continue on asphalt in the same direction.

The river always remains on our left. We invite you to look back, from time to time, to observe the views of the monastery. This Benedictine monastery was founded in 1015 when Bishop Pere Rotger sold the Alodio de Sant Daniel to Ramon Borrell and his wife, Countess Ermessenda de Carcassonne, sister of the bishop.

At a crossroad, turn right and continue on asphalt. Very soon we find the fountain d’en Fita. We continue the asphalt climb leaving one cross on the left and then a house on the right. After a while, when the asphalt is finished, we continue straight (we leave the track on the right) until passing under the bridge of the variant of the N-II. At about 300 meters, we reach the fountain dels Lleons.

Located with the fountain behind us, passing between a group of trees and turning to the left, starts a path that serves us to make the turn. Soon, on the right-hand side, we see the remains of an old lime kiln. From here, the road begins to climb. We pass again under the bridge of the variant and soon after we leave a path that goes down to the left, which takes us to a wider track. To the left and downhill, we can enjoy good views of the Sant Daniel Valley. We arrive to the asphalt and then in the square of the village or of the Sardanas, where we can access by a bridge that crosses the river of the Tower. We return to the road and continue to the right. Very close to the square we can see the point where the streams of the Tower meet, of Sant Miquel and a few meters below, receives the water of the stream of Polvorí. Here the river Galligants is born. At this point we have already passed on the way, therefore, we follow the river downstream to return at its point of departure.

Before the valley was known as Sant Daniel, it was known as «the valley of Tenebrooa or deep». When the remains of Sant Daniel arrived in 888, it was when it began to be known under the current name. Sant Daniel was until 1963 an independent municipality, when it was annexed to the city of Girona.

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